Keynote: The Future of Work - Are We Ready?

Sophie V. Vandebroek, Ph.D., COO, IBM Research
October 4, 9:00 am - 9:50 am

To a large extent our workplace shapes our identity; it's where we develop relationships, apply our passion, creativity and best thinking. It can also be maddening and make us feel insignificant. Whatever the dynamics, "going to work" is vital - to each one of us, to our relationships, and also to the world in which we live. But what if the nature of work changes so dramatically in the future that today's workplace is virtually unrecognizable? What if work is no longer a destination, but a journey? What if people get their work done whenever and wherever they choose - and the era of the traditional office is over?

Xerox Chief Technology Officer Sophie Vandebroek looks at how individuals, information, technology and organizations will interact and evolve in this brand new world of work. She examines key uncertainties that may also materially impact this new reality, such as information structure, intelligent systems, digitization, information availability, and energy, as well as the possible implications associated with such change. Finally, Sophie suggests attitudes and actions individuals can use to prepare for and capitalize on this new and rapidly evolving world of work.