Anne Adams, Ph.D.

President, ACS

The World Cafe

Anne has worked with many Fortune 50 companies and educational institutions both nationally and internationally. She has designed and led organizational transformation programs through seminars, workshops and educational programs for individuals, corporations, professional groups and educational institutions for more than 30 years.

She has been a teacher, school director, university instructor, a manager in an international educational corporation, and a business consultant to both large and small corporations.

Anne has worked with senior leaders and their teams from companies as varied as IBM, Mars, Heinz, AT&T, Lucent Technologies, Procter & Gamble, The Rouse Company, EZ Communications, to government entities like the Pentagon and non profits, e.g. IONS, and many schools throughout the United States and India.

Dr Adams contributes her expertise in Organization Transformation by integrating transformative practices, e.g. The World Cafe, a process in collaborative dialogue, Appreciative Inquiry, a framework for creating a learning organization, The Collaborative Way, a company's values and culture brought to the forefront, with Navigating From the Future, an approach FOR sustaining transformation.

Currently her work is focused on integral education practices both within educational institutions and businesses - accentuating the need to honor the integral nature of the human being, e.g., developing and integrating all of our intelligences - mental, the emotional, physical, social and spiritual. The impact this has on our relationships, the quality of results produced, and a worldview literary that is truly integral is of great interest.