Lynda Weinman

Co-Founder and Executive Chair,

Re-inventing Education

Lynda Weinman is co-founder and executive chair of, one of the pioneering companies in online education. Through a comprehensive library of high quality, instructional videos taught by recognized industry experts, teaches technology and design skills to over one million individual, corporate, academic and government subscribers. Lynda is a self-taught computer expert, author, educator, and entrepreneur. A Web graphics and design veteran and author of dozens of best-selling books, Lynda wrote the very first industry book on Web design, Designing Web Graphics, in 1995. Before launching, she was a faculty member at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA, and worked as an animator and motion graphics director in the film special effects industry. Lynda has also been a consultant for Adobe, Macromedia, and Microsoft, and has conducted workshops at those organizations in addition to Disney. She, along with her husband and co-founder Bruce Heavin, evolved from its original conception as a free web resource for her students, to the site for her books on Web design, to the registration hub for physical classrooms and conferences, to a highly successful online training library. Considered one of the top leaders in the field of online education and paid subscription services, Lynda Weinman is a long-time champion of standing strong and visible as a successful woman to show others that creating your own path is not only possible, but achievable.