Navigating Success through Practical Strategy

JJ DiGeronimo, Author, The Working Woman's GPS
June 5, 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm

As you know, success does not happen overnight and it often requires many life choices to achieve your goals. The Navigating Success through Practical Strategy Workshop will give attendees the insight and motivation to further define the next level of success while outlining specific actions to further ignite the energy to leap.

As a Tech Veteran, JJ DiGeronimo will share practical, effective and proven advice from her journey and the journey of other women that was recently released in the book, The Working Woman's GPS. This workshop provides individual exercises to easily document the current state and then a 12 steps guide that empowers from within to facilitate and achieve your external goals.

Join us for this one hour session where you are sure to leave more inspired, knowledgeable and prepared with a plan to Navigate Success.