Charting Your Success: Steps for Personal Brand Development

Tracie Ybarra, Director, Personal and Printing Systems Learning & Development, HP
June 5, 11:45 am - 12:45 pm

Theme: Importance of Personal Brand Development

Questions to be answered: Who are you and what are you known for? What does your name stand for at your workplace? Where are you in your career? Is your personal brand helping you achieve your career goals? Why not?

Objective: Demonstrate the importance of establishing a personal brand in your personal/career development plan using social media.

- Mitigate the fears that are holding you back
- Take stock within yourself to identify your strengths and weakness
- Uncover your current career status
- Determine where you want to go
- Develop your personal brand that supports your mission using social media including Twitter, LinkedIn and blogging

Audience key take-ways:

1) Fears that prevent them from moving forward
2) Three career goals to begin working towards
3) Personal mission statement to guide their decision making and career path
4) How to build your personal brand in your workplace