Making Business Drive IT Transformation Through Enterprise Architecture (Cloud)

Lauren States, Advanced Leadership Initiative Fellow, Harvard University
June 5, 11:45 am - 12:45 pm

Todays business demands and pressures have accelerated the pace of change. This focus on growing the business, entering new markets, enabling new, faster, better and less expensive services to customers creates challenges. While enterprise systems that may address these challenges are emerging:

* How is an enterprise to choose which IT systems to utilize?
* What strategies should they employ for short-term realization and longer term value of IT investments?
* How does the CIO ensure that business and IT infrastructures cohesively evolve while keeping pace with economic challenges and associated uncertain business implications?

To enable this kind of agility, IT needs to evolve to become the driving force to significantly impact the organizations ability to compete. This session will explore, in the context of cloud computing, the connection between a well structured business strategy and transformation, IT's enterprise architecture, including a discussion on how your enterprise architecture can lay the foundation for enterprises to address business and IT complexities.