102 - Shifting from Manager to Coach: How to Coach for Success

Jeri Mersky, Ph.D., Founder, JLM Management Consultants
June 2, 2:30 pm - 3:45 pm

What does it take to manage and lead others in the fast-paced world of High Tech? Google's research says the most important behavior is to "Be a Good Coach." How do you develop a Coaching mindset and put Coaching principles into practice? This interactive workshop introduces you to a framework and methods for becoming the Coach that will lead your team to the next level.

A Coach can be a manager, but has a different mindset. Managers believe their power is the key to getting things done; Coaches know that their team has the power to get things done... in either a mediocre or excellent way. A Coach's job is to create clear direction, high motivation, amazing teamwork, and excellent results. This interactive workshop will introduce you to the needed mindset and skills that allow you to be a "good coach," even if your official title is C-level, manager, or supervisor.

Among the topics we'll explore:
* How coaching and managing differ.
* When should you "coach"?
* What are the key skills for any Coach?
* Why and what "communication skills" are necessary?