103 - The Feminine Principle in Leadership

Bill Lamond, Human Potential 2.0
June 2, 2:30 pm - 3:45 pm

The full power, Voice, and contribution of women is seen by the United Nations itself as the KEY missing ingredient for having our world provide opportunity for all human beings. The Feminine Principle - with its central premise that everything is related - gives rise to global thinking at its best. Still, because of the way that the traditional Feminine Principle has been constructed, even women at the highest levels of leadership struggle with three basic issues:

* a tendency to put everyone else first;
* the lack of freedom to Voice their own unique truth and lead from it without apology; and
* the automatic programming from the past that tells women what their role is and rigidly expects them to play it, whatever the cost to their greatness.

Learn how to formulate powerfully your own unique, personal model of being a woman and a first-class leader, free from the old "military" leadership models of the past and with the inclusiveness, style, grace, spirit, and fulfillment that women value and embody.