311 - Big Data: What You, The Consumer, Should Know

Cheemin Bo-Linn, President and CEO, Peritus Partners
Hulya Farinas, Ph.D., Sr Principal Data Scientist, Pivotal Labs
Rachel Kalmar, Ph.D., Data Scientist, Misfit Wearables
Laurie Robbins, Database Architect, Gems-N-Technology
June 4, 1:45 pm - 2:45 pm

Big Data is BIG today. Consumers are generating more data than ever before, and not just the unstructured data in documents, messages, and emails. Think of all your social media posts, online profiles and social sentiments, online purchase data, and your engagement with content of various sorts. Additionally, consumers should be aware of how the data is being generated and how it is being used. What privacy issues should you be aware of? Companies are more interested than ever in harnessing the power of this exponentially growing data - to obtain actionable intelligence about their customers and gain a competitive advantage for their business.

This panel describes three areas of Big Data from the consumer perspective:

* The source of Big Data such as social media, Internet searches, and geo-data: How does it work? Who has access to it? What control (if any) do consumers have to what's made available to external sources?
* The consumption of Big Data: How are companies using this data? How is it different from other data? What impact will it have on consumers, and how will they be affected?
* Big data applications benefiting consumers: What applications exist that use Big Data, and are a direct benefit to consumers?