312 - Change Intelligence: Empowering Women to Put the Power of CQ to Work in Their Teams and Careers

Barbara Trautlein, Principal, Change Catalysts, LLC
June 4, 1:45 pm - 2:45 pm

Do you struggle to balance getting your current work done with excellence against strategizing toward future goals? Are you frustrated that while you coach your team toward great results, you often feel stymied toward attainment of your personal career aspirations? As women, we often put the needs of others (staff, manager, organization) ahead of our own.

* How can we prioritize the many competing demands on our time and attention?
* How can we best put our positive power to work, at work?

Women who develop their Change Intelligence (or CQ) are better able to juggle conflicting priorities. Come learn how to help those around you be more productive as well as bolster your career success.

Through real-life examples you'll:

* Understand the common tendencies that unintentionally keep us from achieving what we want.
* Develop your CQ to positively impact your career, your team, and your organization through positive, proactive self-promotion.
* Emerge as a more competent and confident (and less stressed and frustrated) leader of change.