306 - 10 Strategies for Success in your Ventures: As Entrepreneurs, Intrapreneurs, or High-Value Consultants

Joey Tamer, Consultant, Expert, JoeyTamer.com
June 4, 10:30 am - 11:30 am

This workshop explores the not-so-often-mentioned disciplines required to step beyond "making a living" to creating success, freedom, and wealth - by working smarter, not longer or harder. These are the real "secrets" to success in any venture:

1. Creating your own personal power, authority, and value.
2. Finding and closing new clients, customers, strategic allies continuously.
3. Designing creative value-based fee and pricing structures that drive exceptional revenue.
4. Controlling your receivables (getting paid in advance for your product or service).
5. Simplifying and shortening your close of new clients and customers with clear and simple deal memos.
6. Defining the work you will deliver (and not deliver) without giving in to "scope creep" from your clients or unusual expectations from your customers.
7. Profiling and screening your prospects and target markets to avoid wasted time and cost, delaying your ramp-up to real revenue.
8. Knowing when and how to fire a client, reject a prospect, or refund a customer.
9. Setting boundaries, and saying no.
10. Keeping your Zen distance.

Come learn Joey Tamer's secrets for success from her 25-year practice in technology and in supporting clients to maximize their ventures. Included: lots of real-life stories of successes and failures, plus time for discussion.