Patty Toland

Partner, Filament Group, Inc.

Technical Workshop: Mobile Development

Patty Toland is a founding Partner at Filament Group, Inc., a Boston-based design studio focused on creating highly functional, accessible and intuitive user interfaces for a broad range of devices, from mobile, tablets, kiosks and desktop.

Filament Group places a particular focus on employing Responsive Design and Progressive Enhancement techniques to help create online experiences that deliver the richest and most appropriate experience to the widest range of devices, all with a single codebase -- an approach they've used with some noted success on projects including and the jQuery Mobile framework, for which Filament Group is sponsor and project lead.

Prior to founding Filament Group, Patty worked at ZEFER Corporation, US Peace Corps, Kohn Cruikshank, Inc. and Harvard Business School. She holds an AB in English from Harvard University, and an MA in Irish Literature from University College, Dublin.