Jessica Hunt

Senior Vice President and General Manager, HighTable

Global Women. Global Business

As Senior Vice President and General Manager of HighTable (, Jessica Hunt leads the team building the world's most extensive and easy-to-use online expert network where professionals go every day to get intelligently sourced insights in order to build their businesses. HighTable users access real-time, direct answers to their business questions from people across the globe that are best suited to answer them, culled from a network of over 300,000 experts in virtually any field.

Hunt has built a world-class team employing the latest continuous deployment development practices and maintaining an unrelenting focus on the user experience. She drives product strategy and product development, and is spearheading the external launch of this new world class service.

Hunt has spun HighTable out of Gerson Lehrman Group, the world's most successful expert network, and is building HighTable utilizing key assets from GLG including their army of top subject matter experts built over the past 14 years.

Prior to taking the HighTable leadership role, Hunt was General Manager of Corporate Markets, and Senior Vice President in charge of the Life Sciences Segment at Gerson Lehrman Group. In these roles Hunt forged and grew over 35 Fortune 500 corporate relationships, including many of the world's leading global life sciences, industrial and technology corporations. She worked closely with established thought leaders throughout R&D, strategy and business development -- the most sophisticated buyers of information.

Hunt was instrumental to the firm's growth from the original 11 corporate clients to 160 firms, including nine of the top 10 global pharmaceutical companies. Her clients have used the insights of the leading expert network to generate new ideas, better allocate capital, focus on the right products to develop, and provide clinical investment direction. She has also managed and directed the sales and marketing team across the business in the U.S., EU and Asia. She previously held key management positions in the company's new markets and healthcare divisions.

Hunt has been with the company since 2004. She has a Ph.D. in physical anthropology from Yale University and a B.A. in biological anthropology and a certificate in primatology from Duke University.

Hunt is an active board member of the National Alliance for Mental Illness's first and largest chapter in NYC and is an advocate of better services and reducing the stigma around mental illness. She also follows the latest in evolutionary biology and enjoys reading about the philosophy of science.