Nancy Cam-Winget

Distinguished Eng., Enterprise Service & Security, Cisco

Panel Discussion: Data Security

Nancy Cam-Winget has been at Cisco for almost 10 years and is recently focusing on identity-based security solutions. She reports to the Security Chief Technology Office responsible for the technical strategy and roadmap for the Secure Access and Mobility Product Group. Previously, she was the Security architect for the Wireless Networking Business (WNBU) Unit defining the security product strategy, roadmap and design for WNBU. Nancy was also the IEEE 802.11 editor for the Protection of Management Plane and continues to support WNBU as a security consultant and continues to champion wider adoptance of EAP-FAST.

She was also prime contributor to IEEE 802.11i better known as WPA, architect for the 802.11 fast roaming solution (CCKM) which led to the standardization of 802.11r and author of EAP-FAST. She is also currently one of the editors for the EAP Method Unification working group as they have adopted EAP-FAST as the based IETF EAP tunnel method standard and editor for the IETF Network Endpoint Assessment working group.

Nancy's passion is in delivering new technologies, while today they are network-centric, she previously defined how computer graphic systems could be used to reconstruct MRI and ultrasound imagery. She holds over 20 patents in the network security, computer graphics and image reconstruction.