Yanrong Wang

Senior Director, Advanced Risk Science, PayPal

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Working at eBay/Paypal for some 12 years, Yanrong Wang currently leads Paypal's Risk Data and Analytics team, responsible for driving better risk decisions and operations by more effective use of Paypal's data assets. Previously, Yanrong managed risk decision for Paypal's 100+ million consumer portfolio, as well as developing risk solutions for the new venture areas including mobile payment and digital goods. Her eBay experience included using analytics to drive better operations and cost management for eBay's billing and collections.

Prior to eBay, Yanrong worked in risk management in Wells Fargo's small business lending division and Chase's consumer credit card area. She holds a bachelor's degree in Engineering from Tsinghua University in China, as well as dual master's degrees in Statistics and Economics from Iowa State University.