203 - The Emerging Faces of Women in Technology

Amanda Coolong, Chief Content Officer & Advisory Board Co-Chair, Women in Technology International
Angie Chang, Vice President, Partnerships & Mentorship, Hackbright Academy
Danielle Morrill, CEO & Co-Founder, Refer.ly
Sophia Viklund, Founder, backCODE
Jennifer Wei, Venture Investor
June 3, 9:45 am - 10:45 am

Hear from some of the up-and-coming women in tech as they discuss their industry challenges, the opportunities that excite them, and where they could most use the advice of the women who paved the way. To be discussed: what it's like to be a startup co-founder in Silicon Valley; winning over counterparts in a male-dominated investment community; the challenges and opportunities of being a female developer; empowering young girls to follow a STEM path; and more!