Bill Lamond

, Human Potential 2.0

103 - The Feminine Principle in Leadership

For more than 30 years, Bill Lamond has been a champion of women in leadership. He is the inventor of Fulfillment-based Thinking (FBT), which transforms the commitment-driven, working-harder ethic into one that is based on passion, partnership, and the intuitive and heartfelt way of thinking that women are famous for.

Mr. Lamond's clients are women who want to produce sustainable results in the style that women cherish: one of growing, developing, loving, acknowledging, and sustaining. His clients have included a Tony-nominated Broadway producer, a championship bodybuilder, a founder of a national breast cancer non-profit, a nationally recognized visionary architect, thousands of women business owners, saleswomen, and executives from such leading companies as Microsoft and Google.

As a featured speaker at the Microsoft Global Women's Conference, Mr. Lamond's talk on developing and using a powerful Voice was broadcast to the 20,000 women of Microsoft around the world. In his own words, "Voice is not a rehearsed speech. It is the ability to develop your own deepest relationship with yourself and to announce it to the world around you in ways that have magic happen for anyone listening."