Sonia Oster

CEO, Aprentica

305 - Doing Business Globally

Sonia Oster, CEO and Founder of Aprentica, also serves as President of the Fulbright Alumni Association in Argentina. She has been a Professor at SCAD-Atlanta and at Universidad de Monterrey, Mexico, and Visiting Professor at University of Applied Sciences Salzburg, Austria.

Sonia has worked in Spain, Austria, Argentina, Mexico and the United States for companies such as Sony, IBM and CompuServe, among others and has been a consultant for organizations such as the European Commission and the United Nations.

Sonia's startup, Aprentica, is an OPEN-SOCIAL LEARNING platform, designed not just to democratize education, but to universalize education. Surpassing university walls, Aprentica provides universities with a global marketplace to increase brand recognition; professors with a mechanism to control, deliver, and monetize content to today's digital learners worldwide; and modern learners with access to the best worldwide high-quality collegiate level educational content.