Norma Watenpaugh

CEO, Phoenix Consulting Group

302 - Thinking Big: Get Noticed with Strategic Alliances and Partnerships

Norma Watenpaugh, CSAP, founding principal of Phoenix Consulting Group, is an acknowledged industry expert in partnering best practices.

PhoenixCG helps companies accelerate revenue, tap new sources of innovation or open new markets through effective alliances and partner ecosystems. Prominent clients include Adobe, Cisco, Dupont, Lilly, Microsoft, PayPal, SAP, and Xerox. Norma's corporate experience includes executive positions at Sun Microsystems, Amdahl Corporation, and BEA Systems where she built and led partner organizations.

Norma has served on the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals (ASAP) Global Board and was formerly chair of the Best Practice Committee 2003-2012, leading the development of alliance management professional certifications and the editorial team that produced the third edition of the Alliance Managers Handbook, a compendium of best practices for the profession.