Lata Krishnamohan

Graduate Student, Carnegie Mellon U/Silicon Valley

310 - Young Women in Research: Innovations Impacting Tomorrow

Lata Krishnamohan has over 10 years of experience in software systems and leadership in financial services and has worked with some of the largest firms in the industry, including HSBC and BNP Paribas. A strategic thinker and innovator, Lata is proficient in designing and implementing innovative software products, including enterprise software and CRM solutions to create efficiencies and improve business processes. She has also instituted new, independent business lines within large corporations. Previously, Lata was Vice President at BNP Paribas, responsible for enhancing the service proposition, through software automation, leading projects, and managing business operations. She is co-founder of a product that revisits the traditional methods of storytelling, using technology to offer convenience and tangible learning values for children.

Lata received a Bachelor's degree in Commerce and Economics, and an MBA in Finance from Bombay University; she is scheduled to complete her Master's in Software Management from Carnegie Mellon University in August 2013.