Aditi Modak

Graduate Student, Carnegie Mellon U/Silicon Valley

310 - Young Women in Research: Innovations Impacting Tomorrow

Starting with playing her first national-level chess tournament at the age of four, Aditi Modak has consistently developed a strong foundation and passion for solving challenging problems using strategic solutions. Passionate about building products and solutions that solve real-world problems, over the years Aditi has gathered a breadth of experience. Apart from gaining world-class software engineering experience at Symantec (a global leader in providing security and storage solutions), she has planned and executed training programs to teach computers to the visually impaired, and conducted and designed innovative programs that have helped children in India develop essential communication and analytical skills.

Currently pursuing an MS in Software Management at Carnegie Mellon University/ Silicon Valley, Aditi is working with a co-founder on a product that aims to encourage people to pursue their passion and enable people to do what they love. She will graduate in August 2013.