Amy Marentic

Group Marketing Manager, Ford Motor Company

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Currently Group Marketing Manager at Ford Motor Company, Amy Marentic's wide-ranging automotive industry portfolio has encompassed engineering, product planning, business strategy development, and regional field sales management roles. At the center of each career experience, a key influence has been the cumulative voice of customers.

Amy's engineering experience and customer insights, combined with a passion for supporting decisions with quantitative data, gave her the necessary skills to rally a team around reinvigorating both a car (the 2010 Ford Taurus) and an SUV (the 2011 Ford Explorer).

Trained as an aerospace engineer, Amy aimed to be an astronaut. During her senior year at the University of Michigan, she realized that an automotive career could provide years of exhilaration, compared with a brief ride in space she might never achieve. Before joining Ford in 1992, Amy worked as a product design engineer for Prince Corporation, a top-tier automotive industry supplier.

A contributing author to the 2007 book, "Boom: Marketing to the Ultimate Power Consumer - The Baby Boomer Woman," Amy is married with three active children. She holds both a bachelor's degree in aerospace engineering and a master's degree in industrial and manufacturing engineering.