Amanda McConnell

Head of Product,

104 - Mobile Strategy and Development Workshop

Amanda McConnell is the Senior Director of User Experience & Product Management at ReachLocal, Inc. (Nasdaq:RLOC), a global Internet marketing company that provides small businesses products and solutions to acquire, manage and retain customers online.

Amanda is responsible for determining enterprise-level mobile strategies for the most effective development across Web, tablet and smart phone applications. She also oversees the mobile experience for clients by leveraging mobile devices to communicate high priority campaign activity and results, as well as creating sales tools that optimize the sales process for ReachLocal’s 700-person sales force by utilizing multi-platform devices at every stage.

In her two years at ReachLocal, Amanda has drawn upon her 12-year-career in Product Management and User Experience to guide the build-out of the client portal and reporting platforms that include multi-language launches in the European Union and Asia. She is currently focused on expanding the UxUi team to become a global resource for all products, ensuring consistency and usability across internal and external applications.

Prior to ReachLocal, Amanda had focused her work in social media at companies such as BuzzMedia (Buzznet, Celebuzz) and TagWorld, as well as leading projects for Southern Poverty Law Center, California Pizza Kitchen, HealthNet and many others. She received a Bachelors of Science in Applied Mathematics, with an emphasis in Statistics from the University of California Los Angeles.