102 - What's Your Style of Leading Change? Boost Your Change Intelligence to Get Results

Barbara Trautlein, Principal, Change Catalysts, LLC
June 1, 2:30 pm - 3:45 pm  •  Santa Barbara / Newport Beach

You know your IQ, you've probably heard of EQ, but what's your CQ? Just as each of us communicates, collaborates, and handles conflict in our own unique way, so do we each have our own style of leading change. And, just as we are much more effective in working with others when we understand ourselves and how we are similar and different than others - and can adjust accordingly - so we are much more confident and competent in leading change when we understand the various change leader styles. Through real-life examples you will:

* Learn the seven Change Leader Styles and assess your own
* Appreciate the strengths and blind spots of your style
* Identify targeted developmental opportunities for you to bolster your skills
* Determine ways to adapt to work more effectively with leaders of other styles
* Develop your Change Intelligence to lead successful and sustainable change for your organization, team, and career