207 - Combining Social + Big Data + Analytics = Socialytics!

Sandy Carter, CEO | CMO | Ecosystems | Business Development Information Technology, Silicon Blitz, and 2010 WITI Hall of Fame Honoree
June 2, 1:45 pm - 2:45 pm  •  California Ballroom Salon 5-6

Social is changing and evolving. In fact, Social has been lonely without data and analytics. Today's hottest Social trends are around Socialytics, which combine Social + Big Data + Analytics to help whip your business into bootcamp shape. Socialytics are essential to B2B and B2C companies! Like cardio balance weights in a workout, Socialytics teach you to have a balanced view of the elements and deep dives into Top 5 Trends driving business outcomes:

*Why trust and influence are paramount
*Velocity created by combining predictive capabilities and ideation
*How Social is the new production line
*The importance of social leadership for transformation
*Using social data to create personal marketing experiences

Bootcamp trainer and best-selling author Sandy Carter will share examples and proven best practices to whip your social muscles into shape. Don't be a social slug! Join our Socialytics Bootcamp and get socially fit.