208 - Personal Innovation and Business Leadership

Adrian Ott, CEO, Exponential Edge
Carolyn Crandall, Vice President, Marketing, Maxta
Anasuya Morrill, Veteran Tech Executive & Business Leader
Hayley Tabor, VP Global Industry Solutions, EMC
June 2, 2:45 pm - 3:30 pm  •  California Ballroom Salon 5-6

Each member of this distinctive panel has enjoyed entrepreneurial success and/or big-business innovation. Perhaps even more importantly - they exemplify how leading with team-based values set a foundation for growth within their organizations and for the personnel they lead. Each in her own way has a resolute collaborative belief system, with a focus upon leadership methods that foster empowerment and talent development. This session will explore some of the panel's long-lasting insights. Session Organizer: Nimma Bakshi, Senior Director, PwC