309 - Beyond Coding: Uncovering Today's Most Influential Technical Jobs for Women

Michael Winwood, CEO, Optomi
Jennifer Ceran, Vice President, Finance, Box Inc.
Petra Hofer, Chief of Staff to the CTO, eBay
Colleen Lindow, Vice President, Payment Operations, YapStone
Erin McCune, Payment Strategy & Financial Process Improvement, Glenbrook Partners
Yanrong Wang, Senior Director, Advanced Risk Science, PayPal
June 3, 11:30 am - 12:30 pm  •  Salon 4

Today's conversations about women in technology often center around the fact that there are not enough women in engineering roles. While this is true, and more women should be encouraged to pursue these opportunities, there are also many women who have found success in a variety of high-level technical management roles. This panel will bring together experienced women who have other types of leadership roles in technology alongside their female peers in engineering. All of these women play instrumental roles in helping their companies stay relevant in a fast-changing world by applying their domain expertise, tools, and technologies to solving customer problems and building the next big thing.