306 - Wearables: The Technology, the Opportunity, and YOU

Ben Bajarin, Director of Consumer Technology, Creative Strategies
Laura Borel, Product Manager, Jawbone
Alan Zeichick, Principal Analyst, Camden Associates
June 3, 10:15 am - 11:15 am  •  Santa Barbara / Newport Beach

Watches! Jewelry! Wristbands! Wearables technology is exploding as a market, and not only as a geeky fashion statement. Since the Consumer Electronics Show in January, dozens of exciting new products have emerged, and nearly every major tech player has announced a wearables strategy (or is rumored to be entering the space soon). Come to this expert panel and learn what's driving this new product category - and what it's going to mean for entrepreneurs, IT professionals, software developers, and interface designers. If wearables are the future, you won't want to miss out.