310- Content Marketing: Blogging for ROI

Suzanne Baran, Content Strategy Director
June 3, 11:30 am - 12:30 pm  •  Santa Barbara / Newport Beach

The Internet continually changes the way we share and consume information and this has a major impact on marketing. Companies that are mired in silo-ed business models need to find ways to become collaborative and nimble. More businesses are learning how to effectively reach consumers via the Internet, to engage with them in new and creative ways. Adaptive businesses have found success in creating a digital footprint by publishing original content. This does NOT mean planting advertisements throughout external content. Savvy digital marketing tactics offer branding and audience growth. Come learn:

* The top content marketing trends to dominate 2014
* Why digital marketing knowledge is critical
* Why content is at the forefront of digital strategy
* How to evangelize the importance of content marketing for your brand, product, service, or sector
* Tips and tricks of the trade