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The Most Important Event for Women in Technology Returns to the Silicon Valley!

Why You Should Be There

There is no more efficient use of your time than attending the WITI Women Powering Technology Summit which includes:

Corporate, smart, educated, professional, global, tech savvy women and men representing multiple industries with diverse experiences and perspectives shared in keynote presentations, panel discussions and executive roundtables.

A welcoming networking environment specifically designed to help you build and expand your connections - and WITI knows that building strong connections is central to achieving your goals in your business, careers and profession.

"No One Stands Alone" at the WITI Women Powering Technology Summit. WITI believes in creating a space that promotes acknowledgement and understanding while working towards creative solutions to today's business challenges.

Why Your Company Should be There


"We were so inspired by the panel that we're replicating internally with our Women's professional network affinity group." - Paul Rogers, Director of Employee Engagement, Applied Materials

"My employees return to work energized, enthusiastic and expectant that their careers have real growth potential." - Dr. Lynne C. Bracker, National Award Recipient & Systems Engineering Manager, Raytheon

"I've been with WITI since the very first meeting at Sun Microsystems. I've watched it grow in numbers and impact, both nationally and internationally. I always meet fantastic women at WITI events!" - Rayona Sharpnack, Founder & President, Institute for Women's Leadership

"The WITI Conference has been an inspirational, educational and motivating event that I look forward to every year." - Rita Chow, Project Manager, IBM Global Services

WITI is comprised predominantly of women business executives from the IT, software, computing and telecommunications sector. However, a growing segment of the WITI membership includes executives from Banking, Finance and Technology Entrepreneurs. WITI demographics data can be viewed here.


Each year WITI welcomes women and men from across the Technology industry who advocate for a diverse work environment and actively participate in the dialog and action necessary to shift the balance.

The WITI Women Powering Technology Summit provides your company unique opportunities to expand its reach to the fastest growing segment of the consumer, entrepreneur, and investment markets:

• Understand the opportunities and messaging to which professional women are more likely to respond:

• Demonstrate your company's commitment to this significant market segment;

• Get visibility for your products and services for direct interaction and feedback;

• Showcase the exceptional executives driving your team at the WITI Women Powering Technology Summit.

Register Today

WITI represents the ideal market for business Networking - CIO's, executive women and men as well as leaders in technology from around the world converge at WITI's Annual Women Powering Technology Summit to collaborate on innovative solutions to common business challenges, and explore new business opportunities that underscore how technology is powering change.

Top technology leaders from Clean Tech, Mobile, Search, Cloud, Security, Social Media, and Business will discuss how to capture and target more customers, build stronger relationships with existing customers and take advantage of the applications and tools to build a stronger web presence, increase revenue and streamline costs for their companies.