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Channels for Change '95 Attendees

A sell out crowd of close to 1400 women attended WITI's Channels for Change Conference in Santa Clara, California June 28 - 29, 1995. Over 300 technology organizations were represented at the conference. Intel scored highest for number of women attending - over 150 women including 8 sites outside of U.S. Apple came in second - with 119 attendees.

Attendee Comments
The feedback from the conference has been wonderful. We'd like to share with you some of the comments we've received:

"The Thursday 9 a.m. Internet session was great. We all learned something about an emerging technology. Over 1/2 of the audience had not yet used the Web. Women were asking many technical and practical questions. The forum was informal and non-judgmental. I think many women asked questions they normally were not comfortable to ask." - Martha Moran Draves, Microsoft

"I was glad to see the support from so many of the major corporations in the industry. Most of the speakers were well chosen and added great value to the workshops. I am pleased to have had the opportunity to attend the conference. One of my objectives in attending was to determine if WITI and the WITI conference added value to Intel's women. From my experience at the conference, I will recommend Intel continue sending their women to future WITI conferences." - Debra E. Beckmann, Intel

"It was a great opportunity to meet other women in similar fields and also to just realize that there are quite a few of us!" - Deborah Woodward, Cisco Systems

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