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Balancing Work and Personal Life
Is work taking time away from your personal life? Learn what professional women are doing to ease the strain and how you can benefit from scaling back your work. The panel will also discuss various flexible work programs and review recent research related to work/life issues. Join this panel to discuss these topics and the methods that women are using to balance their lifestyles.

Building Strategic Business Alliances
Strategic alliances are critical in today's new economy. Join senior business development and marketing professionals for a discussion on the role that strategic alliances play in their firms. This session will focus on the definitions and entities that comprise alliances, corporate strategies, best practices for forming and maintaining alliances and how alliances evolve or dissolve.

Chat Session: Pursuing their Dreams: Enabling Girls and Young Women
To enable girls to pursue careers in technology, an interest and training in the field should begin in elementary school, and should continue on through high school. Many factors during this time could influence a young woman's decision to pursue a career in technology, such as, exposure to math and science, the presence of positive female role models in their lives and opportunities for out-of-school technology experiences that provide enrichment. These factors are critical to helping girls and young women achieve their technical career aspirations. We will examine the reasons girls avoid mathematics and the sciences, what can be done to encourage participation and how mentoring and community programs can stimulate girls' interest in technology.

Chat Session: Living the eDream: Creating and Identifying and Ideal Startup Culture
Drawing on her experience leading Personify, an eMarketing startup, Eileen Gittins will provide real-world examples for creating an ideal start-up culture. Sharing personal stories she'll demonstrate ways to keep employees feeling motivated, challenged and eager to work each day (and night). She'll also address how to go about selecting the right employees, creating strong employee teams, fostering positive communications, and handling the inevitable "start-up moments." E-business executives are welcome to this chat, as are job seekers who will learn the best questions to ask in evaluating the culture of a prospective employer.

Corporate Pipeline: Navigating Your Way to the Top
In striving to assume increased levels of responsibility, women are conquering personal fears and cultural stereotypes on their way up the corporate ladder. We will focus on the challenges faced by successful women, strategies they used to overcome obstacles and the skills that served them well along the way. We will also discuss the current environment for women in corporate America.

Data Warehousing
Be it an enormous mainframe system or a desktop PC, most companies have some sort of data warehouse. Why is this technology so prevalent and critical to your company's arsenal of competitive weapons? Experts will address data warehousing as a technology/business solution and its uses and architectural features. Case studies of companies that have emerged as data warehouse best practices will be discussed.

E-Commerce I: Creating the Best Customer Experience on the Web
We will discuss the latest tools and technologies to help you create the best customer experience on your Web site. Issues addressed will include customer support and tracking, relationship management, financial considerations, one-to-one marketing, Web personalization and knowledge management, as well as how to integrate online and existing e-commerce customer services.

E-Commerce II: Evaluating and Implementing Online Security
The Internet is now a business imperative. However, along with growing Internet opportunities come staggering risks. We will explore the growing e-commerce market focusing on opportunities, the extraordinary security risks inherent in e-commerce and cutting-edge methodologies for securing your e-business.

Enabling Technologies: An Overview of Promising Technologies
This session will address the evolution and potential of existing "leading edge" and emerging technologies, including XML, middleware solutions, wireless computing, speech recognition, operating systems/hardware advances, and Internet-based technologies. We will also discuss what it takes for a technology to be widely adopted by contrasting today's emerging technologies with other technologies that seemed promising but faded away.

Finding Your Career Path in Technology Roundtable
The convergence of virtually unlimited computing power, communications networks and data is changing the way businesses are structured, how they interact with markets and customers, how they develop products and generate margins and how they relate to employees. The results translate into great news for women in technology. Join this panel to discuss strategies for creating dynamic, well-paying and personally rewarding careers.

Gaining Access to Capital
How much capital is necessary to finance your business and where can you get it? Our panel of experts will discuss how to gain investor interest, what investors consider in deciding to invest, what turns investors off and the pros and cons of different types of investments. Join us for this information-packed session.

Intellectual Property
The need to protect intellectual property has arisen in order to encourage innovation, development and dissemination of technical innovations to the public. Learn how to protect your intellectual property through patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets.

Managing Diversity for a Competitive Advantage
Studies have shown that companies that pursue diversity in the workplace outperform other major corporations. In this session we will discuss the value and benefits of a diverse workforce, issues related to access and career mobility for women of color and the skills necessary to effectively manage a global and diverse workforce.

Mentoring Roundtable
Mentoring is a powerful way for people to develop personal and professional skills. It is an effective tool to accelerate organizational performance by assisting individuals with new job orientation, career advancement, problem-solving and personal development. Join the panel for a discussion on the importance of mentoring and the benefits to both mentor and mentee.

New Rules for High Impact Leadership
We will discuss the skills and abilities necessary to take your people boldly into the future. Learn what motivates leaders and how they project personal power to achieve their goals. Explore courage and creativity and ways to use them to move naturally towards a leadership position.

Personal Stories of Successful Women
This is always one of our most popular sessions. Inspiring, motivational and awesome is how some have described it. If you're interested in the engaging stories of dynamic women who have experienced extraordinary success, then this is a session you won't want to miss.

Portfolio Management and Online Investing
Protecting your financial future is your responsibility! Find out how you can take control. Our financial experts will discuss the importance of financial planning, ways in which you can take action to become informed investors with secure futures and the latest developments in online investing.

Retaining Employees Creatively: Keeping Great Talent
The industry's ability to remain competitive, continue expanding and meet customer technology objectives is increasingly threatened by labor shortages. Companies are increasingly challenged to compete for talent and financial compensation is no longer the primary consideration for job hunters. This panel will discuss these issues and will explore innovative strategies for recruiting new talent and retaining quality employees.

Small Business Roundtable
This roundtable is designed for aspiring entrepreneurs and for business owners who need specialized advice. Panelists will provide basic guidelines to help you get your business started or move it to the next level. Bring your questions to this interactive session where we will discuss business concept development, financial options, legal issues, time management and planning and marketing practices.

Strategic Brand Management: Creating an Identity for Your Company
This session will address the basic fundamentals and principles of brand strategy, why the explosion in Web use has changed the way companies must execute their brand, how pure-play dot-coms can create brand brilliance and why PR is an essential tool toward making your company a household name. Join us for a lively discussion on one of the hottest topics in the industry.

Technical Startups: Case Studies
Starting a hi-tech company requires formulating and sharing the vision, building the strategic team, implementing the plan and raising capital. This session will provide relevant information for entrepreneurs and future entrepreneurs and the steps that need to be taken by those who have been successful.

Trends in Telecommunications: DSL Services
DSL services come in many flavors and are offered by a variety of vendors, including local telephone companies, ISPs and dataCLECs (competitive local exchange carriers). This technology is used for remote access for telecommuters and for Internet access for consumers. We will analyze and compare the pricing, availability and technology of competitive offerings.

Web Design: Q&A
Jennifer will host an informal dialogue with participants during which she will showcase some of the hottest sites on the web and demonstrate what makes these sites so effective. If you have any questions about your designs, this is the session for you.

Winning at Negotiation: Creating Win/Win Situations
Win-win negotiating means negotiating from a base of integrity, values and cooperation rather than from power, positioning, and competition. Topics covered will include: why the win-lose paradigm doesn't work, why win-win negotiating is more effective and knowledge and skills necessary to negotiate an effective win-win agreement.

Winning IT Strategies: Global Implementation
This panel of experts will use a case-based approach to discuss the unique issues associated with implementing a system overseas. Beyond simply focusing on technology, the discussion will include the cultural, regulatory and planning requirements that can make or break an implementation. Case studies will include examples from China, Germany and Italy.

Women of Color Roundtable
Barriers to succeeding in the technology industry and strategies for overcoming cultural stereotypes and personal fears will be discussed. Real world experiences affecting women of color in technology will be addressed in this interactive roundtable of successful women of color.

Y2K: Legal Implications for Your Business
Computer manufacturers and software developers were the first defendants in Y2K litigation cases and are likely to be the principal defendants in years to come. We will examine the sources of potential Y2K litigation claims, the various causes of action that may be asserted, as well as relevant defenses. We will also discuss the impact on such litigation of the recently enacted Y2K Act.

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