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Thursday, March 29
Session I | Session II | Session III
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Professional Women's Summit Sessions and Speakers*
Spring 2001 | March 28 - 29 | Fairmont Hotel | Dallas, Texas

Wednesday, March 28
Session I
9:15 -10:30 a.m.

Business Development Track

Best Practices: Attracting and Retaining Great Talent
Oak Room
Companies are increasingly challenged to compete for talent and financial compensation is no longer the primary consideration for job hunters. This session will address this issue and will explore innovative strategies for recruiting new talent and retaining quality employees.
    Linda Ford, PhD, Senior Partner, Optima Consulting, Inc.
    G. Robin Brown, Raytheon
    Carole Craig Barron, Back-End Research Section Manager, Materials and Structures Lab, DigitalDNA ™ Laboratories, Motorola
    Betty Otter-Nickerson, VP, Corporate Business Planning, BMC Software
    Ann Cribari, President, Thompson Executive Search

Entrepreneur Track

Gain Access to Capital
Royal Room
How much capital is necessary to finance your business and where can you get it in today's marketplace? Our panel of experts will discuss creative ways to gain investor interest, what investors consider in deciding to invest, what turns investors off and the pros and cons of alternative types of investments. Join us for this information-packed session.
    Terry Traveland, Associate Attorney, Patton Boggs LLP (moderator)
    Laura Kilcrease, Managing Director, Triton Ventures
    Deborah Vollmer Dahlke, Co-Founder and VP, Customer Solutions, Zilliant
    Carol Williams, President, Trendsetter Electronics
    Elizabeth Davis, Co-founder, Quickarrow
Professional Development Track

Personal Stories of Successful Women
Gold Room
This is always one of our most popular sessions. Inspiring, motivational and awesome is how some have described it. If you're interested in the engaging stories of dynamic women who have experienced extraordinary success, then this is a session you won't want to miss.
    Laurie Kline, Editor, Texas Technology Magazine (moderator)
    Kim Evans, VP, Systems Integrator Relationships, Covasoft
    Ingrid Vanderveldt, CEO & President, 212 Studios
    Gay Gaddis, President and Founder, T3

Brand Yourself!
Far East Room
What is your brand as a woman in technology? What do you want it to be? How do you bridge the gap between the two? What do you do to promote your brand? What do you do to dilute your brand? How can you use your personal brand to leverage your worth? Renowned business psychologist and executive coach, Dr. Nancy Schreiber, will answer these questions and others to help you find professional success!

    Featured Speaker: Dr. Nancy Schreiber, Business Psychologist

Stress, Stress & Coping � Achieving Balance in an Unbalanced World Stress is neither good nor bad; it is a natural biological response to the demands of life. What is a negative stressor for one person can be a positive stressor (motivator) for another, because responses to stress are very personal. However, if you live with a high degree of stress on a regular basis, it can have profound effects on your physical or emotional well-being. This session will identify three basic ways we cope with stress, and introduce two categories of coping resources. By identifying potential resources and applying change strategies, we can learn to achieve balance and make the impact of stress less negative.

    Featured Speaker: Leslie Furlow, RN, MSN, MPH, C-FNP, CPBA, President, AchieveMentors, Inc.
Technology Track
Sponsored by InfoWorld

Designing Innovative and Competitive KM Processes and Strategies
Continental Room
Developing knowledge management processes and practices that align with business strategy and enable focused product innovation is critical to success in today's market. Focusing on strategies for competitiveness, innovation and organizational effectiveness, Judith will discuss concepts and examples that will help you design KM strategies and processes appropriate for your organization.
    Featured Speaker: Judith McCrackin, President, THOUGHTSPACE, Inc.
Session II
10:45 a.m -Noon

Business Development Track

Beating the Odds on Acquisitions and Turnarounds
Royal Room
Companies that face a critical life-event brought on by acquisition, turnaround or divestiture typically have an executive leadership team which is frustrated by a lack of traction within the company, anxious about near-term performance measures, and losing sleep over the possibility of failure. Resource-constrained, human capital intense, competition-rich environments are the most at-risk for strategic collapse. Enjoy an overview of speed techniques to investigate, qualify and prioritize strategic choices. Experience a straightforward, sensible program that will help you escape information paralysis and "to-do list" litanies so that you can make smart choices, allocate the right resources, minimize distraction and show real results fast.
    Featured Speaker: Laura Naramore, Senior Manager, Transition Advisory Services, Deloitte & Touche

Entrepreneur Track

The Search for Meaning, Money, Creativity and Control
Parisian Room
Do you dream of taking direct control of your career and your future? Honor your need to be independent and in charge! Millions of Americans, twice the number of women than men, fueled either by choice or necessity, are starting their own businesses. If you're serious, attend this session to:
  1. Discover research on opportunities for new enterprises
  2. Hear steps required to be successful
  3. Learn how to tap available resources
  4. Assess your Entrepreneurial Personality with an assessment inventory
    Featured Speaker: Dr. Helen Harkness, Career Catalyst, Career-Design Associates, Inc.

Professional Development Track

So You Want to Become a CIO/CTO?
Far East Room So you're ready to transition from being a programmer or project manager, and think being a CIO or CTO might be the next step in your career path. However, you aren't sure what a CIO or CTO actually does? Do you need an MBA? Better suits? Is it worth it? CIOs and CTOs will give you advice to help you determine whether or not this is the career choice for you.
    Cheryl Whitis, Director, Strategic Planning/IT,Raytheon Aircraft Integration Systems (moderator)
    Jessica Bray, CIO, agentGO
    Liz Lavalley, Senior Vice President and CIO, TXU
    Katherine Glassey, CTO and Chief Strategy Officer, Brio Technology

Management 101 for Techies
Gold Room
Are you a techie intent on moving your way up the corporate ladder? Have you recently been promoted to a management position after years of being a technologist? Often outstanding technologists are promoted to management positions without being provided the skills necessary to be effective leaders. We will discuss the skill sets that technical professionals need to become successful and effective leaders.

    Wanda Gass, TI Fellow, Texas Instruments (moderator)
    Eva Ramseur, Manager III, Product Assurance, Imagery and Geospatial Systems, Raytheon Systems Company
    Heather Colella, Senior Manager, Enterprise Information, KPMG Consulting LLC
    Gayle Rust, Director of Technology, Channel Sales, Sun Microsystems
    Kate Connolly, Director, Corporate Marketing Intelligence, Dell Computer Corporation

Technology Track

E-learning Strategies for Professional Growth
Continental Room
Working full time and the desire to pursue lifelong learning often leads women to explore on-line distance education. This interest has been supported by hundreds of universities and other companies developing on-line courses, degrees and professional education that you can do in your pajamas. Find out which ones are respected, which ones are too new to touch and which programs, classes and more you should avoid. You'll learn how to save your money, evaluate which programs are best for you and your career path.
    Kate Woodward, Expansion Manager, Today's Solutions (moderator)
    Stanley L. Kroder, Ph.D., Program Director, Telecommunications Management and Director, Center for Distance Learning
    Christine Pope, Director, E-Learning Services, SmartForce
    Veronica Boaz, VP � LeadershipXcellence, WITI Unlimited, Inc

Session III
2 - 3:30 p.m.

Business Development Track

Strategic Alliances: Creating Smart Partnerships
Continental Room
Join senior business development and marketing professionals for a discussion on the role that strategic alliances play in their firms. This session will focus on the definitions and entities that comprise alliances, corporate strategies, best practices for forming and maintaining alliances and how alliances evolve or dissolve.
    Catherine Simpson, Executive Director, Fort Worth Women's Business (moderator)
    Karenann Terrell, Director � Business Content, e-Connect Platform, Daimler-Chrysler Corporation
    Judith McCrackin, President, THOUGHTSPACE, Inc.
    Laurie Crossett, Director, Strategic Alliances and Business Development, Handango
    Renee Bacherman,VP and GM, Business Information and Integration, BMC Software

Entrepreneur Track

Blueprint for Success: Business Plans That Get Noticed
Royal Room
Want to start your own business, or be a core member of a start-up or re-org team? The first crucial step is to have a solid yet adaptable plan for building the company -- one that communicates your strategy effectively. Learn how to avoid common pitfalls at this dynamic session that focuses on creating a business model, identifying key concepts and producing a b-plan that helps you "get your foot in the door"! Excerpts from good (and bad!) plans will serve as the basis of discussion, with a forum for Q&A. A must for anyone in the start-up phase!
    Mitra Miller, Consultant and Strategist, Sphairo
Professional Development Track

The Emerging Leader
Gold Room
In today's workplace, as organizations move from the traditional to the virtual, from mechanistic to organic, management has to shift from a command and control style to a more holistic approach. In a networked world leadership has to become contextual � as organizations deal with ambiguity, diversity and unpredictability. In this session, Veronica will share how managers can become more flexible, adaptive and responsive leaders and how to manage in a more holistic, organic and collaborative paradigm.
    Featured Speaker: Veronica Boaz, VP, LeadershipXcellence, WITI Unlimited, Inc.
Technology Track

Women Bridging the Digital Divide
Meet women in technology who are working towards reversing the growing gap between those who have access to technology and information skills and those who do not. In this roundtable session, women bridging the digital divide will share ideas, information and creative solutions to take on this critical societal issue.
    Roundtable Coordinator: Birdie Sadberry, Consulting Systems Engineer, Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway
    Kathryn Woodward, Expansion Manager, Today's Publishing
    Topic: More Than Just Access, True Digital Divide Programs Must Educate
    Tammy Heard, Site Manager, Central Dallas Ministries, Neighborhood Technology Center
    Topic: Managing a Community-Based Technology Center
    Lauren Hightower, Partner/Internet Software Developer, SpinSolutions, LLC
    Topic: Meeting the Technology Needs of Inner City Youth
    Lisa Danzer, Technology Manager, Sun Microsystems
    Topic: Corporate America Working to Bridge the Digital Divide
    Lois Powers, Executive Director, Technology For All - Houston
    Topic: Bringing technology to underserved communities--what's the true need and how you can help!
    Diane Cowan, Regional Director, Green Thumb, Inc.
    Topic: We've Got/IT! You Need It! How Technology-Trained Seniors Bridge the Digital Divide

Thursday, March 29

*Subject to change

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