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Conferences | San Jose

    Who should attend?

  • All women that work in or with technology
  • Women at any level will benefit by attending this conference:

      - Executive level women benefit by making important, new connections and, more importantly, sharing their experiences with other women as role models and mentors.

      - Middle Manager level women benefit by interacting with and seeking insights from Executive level women who were able to "break through" to the next level. In addition, they'll be empowered with career-enhancing tools and information.

      - Entry level women will be inspired by the many fascinating stories of success they will hear ... and they will have a rare opportunity to chat and ask questions that will help propel their future paths. They will also go home armed with invaluable business tools and knowledge garnered from the many informative sessions taking place at the conference.

    Why should a busy professional woman spend valuable time and money to attend a WITI conference?

  • The highly interactive nature of the sessions will give you valuable up-close and personal time with some of the most innovative, influential, and successful women in technology today.
  • When you return to work refreshed, full of energy and new ideas, you'll be more effective in contributing to that all important - and increasingly elusive - bottom line where success is measured.
  • If you're seeking new opportunities, WITI conferences attract executives and exhibitors who are looking for women just like you.
  • Networking has always been an important part of the tech-savvy woman's professional life, but never as much as it is now. You'll meet WITI women who can mentor you to success.

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