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    Bring an extra suit to the conference!


    If you have professional clothing that you no longer wear, that isn't comfortable, or that is no longer your personal style, you can give that clothing a second life. Someone really needs that outfit.

    Career Closet is a volunteer-based non-profit organization that empowers economically disadvantaged women by providing suitable clothing and other services to ensure success in gaining and retaining employment, to enhance careers, and to improve family stability. Career Closet is committed to the success of women who are seeking employment and striving for advancement.

    In the Peninsula and South Bay areas there is a significant population of women who want to work, but who have slipped into a severe situation that can be very difficult to recover from - and they need our help. Career Closet serves over 170 women per month from locations in San Jose and San Mateo.

    Career Closet appreciates clean, ready-to-wear suits, skirts, slacks, blazers, and blouses. They also appreciate shoes (preferably black or blue pumps or loafers), belts, handbags, scarves, and jewelry. Career Closet also appreciates your tax-deductible monetary donation.

    Bring your ready-to-wear items to the Career Closet rack at the conference.

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