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Here's a list of some of the exciting panels, workshops, and discussions you'll be able to choose from:


Townhall Meeting - Tuesday, June 24th, 2003. 3:00 pm- 5:00 pm
Moderator: Sheryl Root, CEO, President RootAnalysis
Former Director of Business Strategy Services, Hewlett Packard


  • Kelly Carnes, President and CEO, TechVision21

  • Kirsten Garen, Senior Vice President, Corporate and Operations Technology, Charles Schwab

  • Lori Mirek, Board of Directors, United Nations Association/USA
    Former CEO and President, Currenex

  • Ann Peckenpaugh, President, Board Search Partners LLC

  • Michele Turner, Senior Vice President, West Coast Operations, AOL Products

  • Barbara Waugh, Ph.D.Co-founder, eInclusion Hewlett-Packard Company

  • Gerry Zimmerman, Vice President of Quality, Raytheon Company

"Women At The Top: How Do We Increase The Numbers? "
The number of women holding top leadership positions in corporate America has changed minimally over the past 20 years. Join our panel of experts as we discuss what women could be doing, should be doing, are NOT doing and what we CAN do to effect change. We'll explore the components that are driving the numbers, including our own self image, media images of women, differences between how men and women view getting ahead and more. Don't miss this riveting and timely discussion!

Reinvention Track






Innovation Track


Chapter Leaders Only!

WITI Chapter Leadership
Yvonne Brown Moderator: Yvonne F. Brown, Chicago-WITI Chapter Director, CEO of Ball of Gold Corporation

In Today's world and economy, a clear sightline to chapter success on a predictable track is difficult but not impossible. How do we approach chapter success from the corporate level? How do we help women to move ahead of the curve?
We will discuss success strategies such as:

* How to approach corporate sponsors
* Attracting Executive Women
* Increasing membership value
* Knowledge capture

Session Descriptions

Adapting to the New Realities of Venture Capital
Coming off the record returns of the 90's, venture capital firms are surviving the worst slump in at least three decades. Worse yet, business is not expected to get better any time soon. Venture capital firms are grappling with such issues as:

  • Excess capital
  • Fewer startups
  • Closed IPO window
  • Negative returns
  • Disgruntled limited partners
This panel of experts will discuss how venture capitalists have had to reinvent themselves and their firms to balance the demands of their current portfolio companies, while continuing to hunt for the next hot new company or technology, and what all this means to your start-up.

Brand Expansion: Leveraging the past to brave the future
How does a company with a large, diverse base of loyal customers venture into new business arenas to grow the company's brand while assuring the needs of the installed base are not only met but exceeded? Melissa will give an insider's perspective on how a large, well-established company can garner new market share through creative marketing strategies. She'll detail an integrated branding strategy that translates across the company's various business units incorporating messaging, imagery and Adobe's largest advertising initiative to date. Melissa will also cite how joint marketing activities with partners like Microsoft, Intel and Apple are helping to extend the company's reach into the enterprise and consumer spaces simultaneously.

Changing The Rules
In Today's world and economy, a clear sightline to success on a predictable track is difficult and may be impossible. How do we change the rules so that they work for us instead of against us? How do women move ahead of the curve?

Connecting the Dots: A Practical Guide to Reinvention
In times of uncertainty, you will be better served by adapting for the future than trying to predict it. In this session, Cathy Benko shares insights from her new book, Connecting the Dots, co-authored with Harvard Business School Professor Warren McFarlan. Hear how "traits" and "alignment" can help you shape new directions for your work and your life. You'll appreciate the clarity and focus of Cathy's practical ideas on organizational and personal transformations and how to be prepared for whatever future presents itself.

Corporate Pipeline: Navigating your Way to the Top
You're not alone! As you strive to assume greater levels of responsibility, you're conquering personal fears and cultural stereotypes on your way up the corporate ladder. We'll focus on the challenges faced by successful women like you, strategies you can use to overcome obstacles and the skills that will serve you as you climb. We will also discuss the current environment for women in corporate America.

Enabling our Businesses through Innovation
Strong, dynamic leaders are at the core of the world’s most innovative companies. Find out how This session will address the role leaders play in creating a culture of innovation and fostering innovation within their companies, and how women leaders can contribute - and benefit - from leading innovation.

Innovations in E-Learning
Learning technology can help solve global training problems, increase employee productivity, integrate learning into employee career development, and converge with knowledge management. But first, a company must expand how an organization perceives, designs and uses information, training and learning. During this session, we will show you how you can incorporate learning technology and accelerate change in your company's learning environment by moving beyond one-size-fits-all to encompass targeted training, access to just-in-time information, learn through collaboration, and create human capital strategies.

Leveraging Technology in New Markets
How can we maximize the use of technology in new markets? Sheryle Bolton and the panel emphasize the importance of vision, imagination, experience, and calculated risk-taking to successfully grow new markets. We will look at several different kinds of examples in both profit and non for profit environments, using technologies to streamline operations, improve end-user experience, present familiar concepts in a new way, redefine the product or focus on a different industry or segment. Sheryle and the panel, share personal and professional insights that will help guide other women pioneers.

Marketing Brand "You": Creating a Professional Portfolio
Does the concept of marketing yourself like a consumer product or a new business venture seem daunting? Is your résumé enough to sell your skills and capabilities? As CEO of You, Inc., how effective is your business plan in managing and developing your venture, identifying strengths and weaknesses, development planning and marketing?

Successful businesses are often the result of in-depth research and planning. After engaging in this interactive roundtable, you will be equipped to prepare a more effective business strategy for one of the greatest assets that your organization has --- you! With the tools and resources needed to develop a Professional Portfolio, this discussion will guide you in strategically creating a living document that details your abilities and potential, overviews relative skills, experience and achievements, and distinguishes you from the competition.

New and Hot Technology
Companies are continually evaluating technologies that will help streamline business processes, reduce costs and provide optimal support for customers and employees in a safe and secure environment. We as IT professionals are continually looking for those new and hot technologies that will help us achieve these goals.

In this presentation, we have gathered some of the leaders that are shaping and defining those solutions that will help corporations be more competitive in the marketplace.

The main objectives of this presentation are:

  • Understanding what technologies will help change and shape the way we do business

  • What mistakes companies are making when buying purely on the basis of "What’s Hot"

  • Being a more informed buyer of these technologies and understanding how to incorporate them into the workplace.

Personal Stories of Successful Women: Success Redefined
You know what you need to do to take that first step toward the boardroom or your own enterprise. Now all you need is a boost of courage and inspiration to get going! This is always one of WITI's most popular sessions because it provides the "inspiring," "motivational" and "awesome" stories from dynamic women who have experienced extraordinary success. Their stories will help boost your confidence and send you back to the office with a renewed sense of purpose.

Planning Your Roadmap: An Exploration
We all know, or think we know what direction we want our careers to grow in, what success looks like, and how we plan to get there. Or maybe we don't. This session will encourage you to evaluate (or create) your "roadmap to success" by introducing concepts to help you think comprehensively about what you want to be when you grow up, and offering tips on forming allies and establishing relationships with potential career advocates. Join us as we explore innovative techniques on how to develop and communicate your career roadmap through role playing and interactive exercises.

Put Your Business on the Internet with the new WITI eStore!
Ever thought about having a web site and doing online business with your products or services? Now, for the first time, WITI will be launching an exciting new opportunity for members at the June Conference... the WITI eStore!

The WITI eStore is a very affordable way to build your own cutting-edge web site complete with shopping cart and the ability to securely process credit card sales online... It’s chocked full of advanced features to help you market your products or services. Experience this easy web-based building software - no technical knowledge, no HTML, and no additional software is necessary to put the site together! Take advantage of the members-only discounts offered during the Convention. Have your site included in the members-only WITI Mall, where 20,000 fellow WITI members will be doing their online shopping along with millions of other online shoppers. Make sure your business is included in the ‘Yellow Pages of the 21st. Century’ – the INTERNET!

The kickoff will take place at the June 24/25 Conference where you’ll be able to attend a “How to Put Your Business on the Internet” session on June 25 (10:45 AM). We’ll also be demonstrating the WITIstore hourly on the exhibit floor... make sure you plan to attend.

Radical Sabbaticals
Whether you walk out of this session with a new idea for a business, career change or time off, this panel is designed to help you create completely out of the box possibilities by introducing you to women who have done just that!

Reinventing Your Business, Yourself
Reinvention means bringing a new idea about business to customers. Colleen will discuss how even industry leading companies must continually reinvent themselves to bring customers better value. She will explore how she has reinvented herself personally and professionally. Colleen will also show how, by embracing change, companies and individuals can achieve new growth.

Reinventing Yourself with Sheryl Root
Reinventing Yourself - Is it time for you to think about reinventing yourself? Have you designed your professional life to leverage your passion - your talents? Have you thought about how you might redesign your job to make yourself more valuable and effective? Companies require very different skills and thinking today than required just two or three years ago. How do we redesign ourselves to contribute higher value to our company? Whether you are in transition or on a fast track in your company, take the time to consider inventing new possibilities for yourself and your team.

Led by Sheryl Root, One of Silicon Valley's most dynamic executive women, Sheryl has reinvented herself many times. Sheryl just left the corporate world of HP to start her own consulting business. Sheryl is a leader in Stanford's Executive MBA Program, former Director of the Strategic Change office at HP, and owns a winery in Napa Valley.

Sheryl will lead the discussion of Reinventing Yourself followed by dynamic roundtable discussions - an opportunity intended to empower yourself, build your network, inspire results.

Re-Making Security Part of Your Corporate DNA
The global geopolitical situation combined with post September 11 concerns has upped the visibility and focus on security and security professionals by making physical and technical security essential for companies of all sizes. Today, as the focus on security intensifies companies must "reinvent" security by making it part of their corporate DNA

Representing a cross section of industries, this panel of experts will discuss how they have leveraged their expertise to ensure security is at the core of their companies businesses and provide best practices on how you can do the same.

Software Security guru and Oracle's Chief Security Officer, Mary Ann Davidson, will moderate the panel and also provide insight into her focus on making security a significant element of Oracle's corporate DNA.

"So You've Crossed the Chasm, Now What?"
Power marketers from leading technology companies share their wins and falls, their successes and missteps with the 2003 WITI conference audience. These marketers, many of whom made Geoff Moore's book their own "technology bible" will discuss how innovative strategies are helping their organizations scale some of the most difficult marketing peaks in the last decade.

Companies in several different stages of evolution will present. Learn from those who have successfully crossed the chasm and from others who are still in progress as they share their tactics and lessons learned.

Strategies for Increasing Value in Women-Owned Businesses
Increasing productivity and growth is essential for today's women-owned businesses, whether they are looking for additional capital, seeking to be acquired or trying to maintain market share in a challenging economy. Is there a business model that you can use to build the value of your company? How can your company execute on this model with limited resources? Come hear the panel discuss practical strategies to increase enterprise value in today's economy through leadership, focus and streamlined systems.

Strategies for Success in the Federal Government Market
Selling to the Federal government may seem like a daunting task, beyond the reach of small companies, but new initiatives geared to increase small business participation are broadening the playing field. The challenge lies in moving ahead of your competition to create brand awareness and market driven demand for your products and services. Learn the inside scoop on how to develop--and execute--a Go To Market Strategy, including Federalizing your brand, market research, lead generation, opportunity identification, partnership planning and forging strategic relationships.

The Art of Networking
Whether you want to network yourself into your next job either inside or outside your current employer, develop stronger relationships with other professional women, or find a more effective way to make things happen, this session will address effective and ineffective networking skills ... while you network with others attending the session! Come learn the secrets behind how others do it so successfully.

Taking Wireless to the Next Step
Wireless isn't just for laptops any more. Wireless technology is enabling a tether free workforce, not just laptop road warriors traveling away from the office. This panel will look at how wireless technology has quickly moved beyond the laptop to enable instant communication via handhelds, rolling carts and voice devices in all environments. Learn how wireless technologies are changing the way low-tech and high-tech workers perform their jobs everyday such as:

  • Nurses accessing critical patient information in real time.
  • Retail staff locating the help they need instantly.
  • Security personnel communicating within seconds of an emergency.

The Leap to Life Science
An interactive discussion centered on career transition, especially transitions to roles in the life sciences industry. This is an industry which has demonstrated steady growth since the 1980'S and holds even greater promise for the future. The moderators will share information about the industry and their own career transition experiences. The objective is to create a wide variety of actionable ideas that can be applied in identifying the need and attractiveness for a career change, and in making the leap.

Venture Capital at Work: Hot Sectors for Today's Investors
2002 was a tough year for high-tech stocks, but how are investors feeling about 2003? What are the hot sectors? What do investors look for in today's economic climate? Which sectors are past their prime? This panel of experts from the private equity and investment bank communities will discuss their top picks for 2003. They will also outline the criteria they use to determine whether or not the company will be hot - or not.

Web Services: How They are Revolutionizing the Way Companies do Business
Will web services strategically improve your business or put your company under? This panel will evaluate this critical decision for an early stage technology company as we discuss adopting web services in an extremely challenging business environment. We will discuss the options and pitfalls that most small companies must analyze before embarking on this strategic technology initiative. The panel will explore the increasing relevance of web services and address the problems that this new technology arena promises to solve. Specific issues to be discussed include:

  • Determining what criteria to use when evaluating web services or any new technology
  • Capitalizing on the ideal time for your organization to implement web services
  • Lessons learned from early adopters
  • Developing best practices for executing web services

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