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The WITI/Networking The Enterprise: Smart Partnering
Summer 2002 | Wednesday, Aug. 13 - 15 | Washington DC Convention Center| Washington DC


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900 9th Street N.W.
Washington D.C., 20001

Reta Lewis
Vice President and Counselor
US Chamber of Commerce
President, Access America

Responding to Government RFPs and Winning Government Contracts
Leader: Lurita Doan
The US Government frequently sends out Request for Proposals, that include technical contracts, and Washington mandates that 5% of these contracts are granted to women-owned businesses. Yet, currently, only 2% find their way to women-owned businesses. This WITI Workshop will help provide access to this powerful customer. Find out how to get on the government's list to receive RFP's, how to respond to them and how to develop the winning proposal every time!

Successful Professional Women Tell-it-All
Moderator: Kelly H. Carnes
Carolyn Minerich
Deborah Johnson
Lisa Jensen
Clare Cunniffe
Maura FitzGerald
While over 40% of new businesses in the United States are owned by women and sales generated by these firms grew 33% compared to 24% growth of all other firms (1997), women continue to receive less than 10% of venture capital, less than 10% of equity capital and less than 12% of debt capital. The path to success for Professional Women can sometimes be challenging and difficult. The women on this panel will discuss the steps they took to becoming successful in business. Discussions will include where to find the right sources of capital, how best to position your company and market its products/services and steps to take in maintaining a successful business during a down economy.

Subcontracting Opportunities
Moderator: Toi Riley-Thornton
Charles W. Richardson, Jr
Ted E. Imes, Sr
Jeremy C. Wensinger
Tofie M. Owen, Jr.
Michael A. DiGeorge
According to a study by the Center for Women's Business Research (2001), women-owned businesses received only 4% (or only $2.9 of $71.5 billion) of Federal Subcontracts. WITI will present a discussion by Top Government Contractors on their approach to Government Contract Compliance and what they look for when considering subcontracting companies. Gain a first-hand experience on marketing to this select group of Government Contractors. WITI Booth:
Don't forget to visit us onsite at The WITI Booth

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Networking the Enterprise is a great place to get face-to-face with decision-making buyers in the IT Industry. The conference program presents the world's leading experts in storage, security, broadband and wireless technology to help end-users learn about the spectrum of fast-changing information technology. The expo floor is an ideal place to see the latest, cutting-edge products and services in this industry!

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