207 - Geek Girls are Chic: Five Career Hacks

Sandy Carter, CEO | CMO | Ecosystems | Business Development Information Technology, Silicon Blitz, and 2010 WITI Hall of Fame Honoree
June 1, 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm  •  Gateway Ballroom

Is the technology world biased against women? Why are fewer women graduating with a technical degree (12% today vs 37% in 1984)? Why aren't more women rising in the tech ranks or starting businesses? Why should you care? Join Sandy Carter, IBM General Manager of Ecosystem Development and Social Business Evangelist, Chairperson of the WITI Board, and voted Forbes 10 Most Powerful Women in Tech, as she discusses why this matters, how innovation will benefit, and how to foster an interest in tech. Learn why women need to take risks and embrace failure to give them the courage to crash through the glass ceiling or start a new business. Sandy will share recent findings from a research report on "Advancing Women" as well as her own experiences and advice with five career hacks to help you get ahead, because talent is not enough.