210 - How Serious Games Are Changing the World

Sophia Viklund, Founder, backCODE
Donna Barbisch, CEO, Wicked Solutions
Alexis Brandow, Founder, Amorse
Anna Leighton, Founder, Annatarian Designs
June 1, 3:15 pm - 4:15 pm  •  Siskiyou

Imagine learning mission-critical skills and life-saving procedures all on a game console from the comfort of your home. Serious games can be just that - taking important training and moving it into the context of a top-level game product. Serious Games provide opportunities to learn and develop skills for situations that may be abstract, expensive, time-consuming, or simply too dangerous to work in. This highly effective technique is being used in Intelligence, Defense, Healthcare, Education, and Enterprise. The application of Serious Games has vast potential, and the women in this session are pioneers in the field. They'll discuss lessons learned, solutions they came up with, ways they see this method enhancing our lives (including large-scale disaster training) – and how they got to where they are.