Coaching Circles at the WITI Summit

June 2, 10:00 am - 3:45 pm  •  Bayshore Foyer

Do you find yourself unsure of how to step into a larger role... or take an idea and build a startup... or reach for that next level in your career? We believe good coaching from women who have conquered the career challenges you're facing will increase your odds of achieving positive outcomes.

WITI is delighted to introduce COACHING CIRCLES for all attendees at the 2015 Summit.

Professional coaches are donating their time and service in their areas of specialty. Summit speakers and VIP guests are sharing their personal wisdom and knowledge.

These mini-coaching morsels are an opportunity to engage and discuss a work-related or personal topic of your choosing.

Tips to get the most from your mini-coaching session:
1. BE ON TIME. Coaches will adhere to the signup schedule.
2. LASER YOUR QUESTION. For this format, the narrower and more specific your question, the better. For example, asking, "What do I say to a boss who says __________?" will yield more concise coaching than a question like, "What's my next career move?"
3. TAILOR YOUR EXPECTATIONS. If you are coming to a coach with a longstanding or complex issue, expecting a solution in 45 minutes isn't realistic or fair.
4. COACHES VARY WIDELY. Only sitting with your coach will establish if there's coaching chemistry.
5. IF YOU NEED MORE COACHING TIME, or slots are already filled with your preferred coach, don't despair. We will make coaches' contact information available for those coaches willing to offer post-Summit consultations.