104: Breaking Through Bias: Retraining the Brain to Ignite Innovation

Maryann Baumgarten, Head of Diversity & Inclusion Culture, SLAC
Dada Nabhaniilananda, Mindfulness and Creativity Consultant, The Monk Dude
June 5, 12:15 pm - 1:45 pm  •  Coaching Workshop - San Jose Room

Have you experienced the barriers of bias? Research demonstrates that biases are very real - but why are they so difficult to counteract? Biases left unchecked hinder our career growth and the inclusion of diverse thought in workplace cultures. Knowing how to break through the barriers of bias in the brain and embody our masculine and feminine natures at work ignites innovation and unleashes human potential.

Following this powerful 90-minute session you will be better able to:

- Understand the origins of human biases
- Recognize and counteract biases in decision-making
- Positively influence increased diversity and innovation in your workplace
- Tap into your innate source of creativity and compassion
- Feel more at peace, integrated, and energized in your daily life.