323: Green is Good. For the Planet. For your Wallet.

Natalie Pace, Co-Creator, Earth Day Gratitude Project
June 7, 1:15 pm - 2:15 pm  •  Cascade Room

Did you know that the average American spends tens of thousands of dollars every year on transportation, electricity, and insurance? That's a lot of bucket list vacations! Learn how sustainability pays the best dividends, and why going green is the investment you can make.

1. Lighting. How one simple trick can cut your lighting bill by up to 85%.
2. Electricity. How a few low-cost gadgets can slash your electric bill by up to 90%.
3. Water. How to conserve 90% of your water without going rasta.
4. Green Investing. Why this industry is bargain-priced and poised for the most solid gains. Learn how to profit and avoid the pitfalls. (Hint: the green fund companies you've been led to may not be as sustainable or profitable as you think.)
5. Transportation. The average American spends almost $4,000/year on gasoline. Sexy e-sedans offer a competitive ROI when you factor in the gas savings.
6. Insulating. Learn why Matrix energy is the hottest thing in housing (and where to get the info).

This session will showcase some of the greatest sustainable homes and buildings from around the world, along with a treasury of tips on going green and achieving massive savings.