336: No Power and No Point: Why Your Slides Suck and How To Make Them Soar

Mike Robertson, Principal, IsThisMikeOn.com
June 7, 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm  •  Coaching Workshop - San Jose Room

This fast-paced workshop will give you dozens of ideas, tips, and techniques to transform your slide presentations from blah to "Bravo!" Whether you use PowerPoint or Keynote, you'll be inspired and eager to use insights ranging from simple things like picking the right font to innovative effects that you've never seen before - effects that will make an audience gasp in wonder. You'll learn to use the full capabilities of your presentation software and see how amazing slides can enhance your message's perceived value, provide a heightened experience for your audience, and be remembered much longer than any lackluster group of slides. If you ever use slides, this session will take you to an entirely new level of expertise.