346: Take Your Power Back! How To Communicate Effectively in the Workplace

Theresa Pidcock, Founder, Theresa Pidcock Consulting, L.L.C.
June 7, 3:45 pm - 4:45 pm  •  Coaching Workshop - San Jose Room

Tired of sitting in meetings that ask for your feedback, only to give it and not be heard? Or worse, know you have the answer and no one is listening? Ever worry your meeting will being taken over but don't know how to prevent it? Wonder what it will take to be heard? Start with this workshop and learn:

* How to successfully chameleonize to almost any situation and be seen as a high-level contributor.
* About the "communication style" of those around you to help them receive your message.
* How to lead a conversation, and take and keep control, even when things start to go south.
* How to truly listen rather than answer, with the intent to solve problems.
* How critical it is to catch what ISN'T said just as much as what IS.
* Why we sometimes agree in a group setting, when we really disagree inside.
* About the important tie body language has within our diverse workplace and world.
* Why some women feel they give their power away - and how to begin a successful turnaround, NOW!