204: Want Extraordinary Results? Think Like a Designer!

Heather Andrus, Managing Director/Product Innovation, Radius Innovation & Development, A Jabil Company
June 6, 9:00 am - 9:30 am  •  Gateway Ballroom

Although Design is often used to define an object or end result - design is also a powerful process or protocol for discovering opportunities and solving problems. No one knows better the power of design than a designer. And no one is better to equipped to educate on the power of the design thinking than a designer who uses the methodology daily to build foundations that drive some of the world's leading brands and businesses forward. Enter Heather Andrus, VP and GM of Radius, a leading design and product development agency. Here at the WITI Summit, Ms. Andrus will share the key tenets of design thinking to help you leapfrog to a place of unprecedented creativity and successful execution for your idea or business or both!