334: WITI WIN Panel:
 Creating a Social Media Community

Amanda Coolong, Chief Content Officer & Advisory Board Co-Chair, Women in Technology International
Gretchen Fox, CEO, MTO Agency
Kyra Reed, Co-Founder, MTO Agency
June 7, 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm  •  Siskiyou Room

Quite possibly more than in most industries, women in technology need to create community with their peers and discuss some of today's most pressing issues. This session begins with an introduction by WITI Founder Carolyn Leighton, underscoring the importance of bringing together women to support and nurture one another professionally. We'll start the conversation by discussing the needs and benefits of creating a community for women in social media. Next we'll touch on the issues around a lack of standards in our profession. Whether you're a social media manager, director, or executive, we invite you to participate in the first women in social gathering.