322: WITI WIN Panel - Uncluttering the Digital Noise: How to Really Market to Women - Business and Consumers

Vinima Aggarwal, Head of Marketing, Rockstor
Jennifer Barr, Social Media Manager, Stanford Children's Health
Nicole Johnson, Global Head of Digital Content Marketing & Strategy, Hearsay Social
Amy Roiland, CEO, FashionTap
Ching Valdezco, Director, Exec|Comm
June 7, 1:15 pm - 2:15 pm  •  Sierra Room

Social media and digital marketing are powerful ways to engage your audience. What do consumers, particularly women, care about? How do you build relationships and deliver a compelling message? Women hold tremendous purchasing power, with women's global incomes projected to reach $18 trillion in 2018. At the same time, many women feel "advertisers don't understand us." How can digital marketing help companies reach women buyers? Will utilizing social media build an interactive bridge to women to increase understanding, which can create better marketing? Hear from a panel of experts on technology, entrepreneurship, and consumer products marketing.