335: Gender Synergy: How Smart Women and Wise Men Are Working Together To Outperform Their Competitors

Will Marre, Founder, SMART Power Academy
June 7, 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm  •  Donner Room

After thousands of years, women's roles have radically opened up. But the cultural myths that constrain your brain and antagonize your peace of mind may cause you to wrestle with your inner voice. What's possible? What's desirable? What should I do now? These questions are better answered as you free yourself from self-doubt. Once you're clear on the life and work you truly deserve, you can harness the new science of positive well-being to experience both greater success and work/life harmony. The pervasive myth of "The Hero's Journey" has created a "masculine" culture, and in this session you'll learn how to ...

* Most easily form new habits to improve your sleep, nutrition, exercise to supercharge your energy for Your Heroine's Journey.
* Overcome the ogres and dragons of self-doubt that stand in the way of fulfilling work in a joyful life.
* Use your six distinct daily energy peaks to increase your inner strength and resilience as well as your performance.
* Use SMART Power Rules to gain and maintain "best choice" clarity and create personal commitments that will change the way others treat you.
* Use three powerful daily mindfulness exercises to increase your optimism, build your confidence, and improve your loving relationships.
* Align your daily schedule with your "future self" vision.