326 - Creating Connections and Building Business Alliances

Kristy Rogers, Founder & Leader, KristyRogersConnects
June 7, 1:15 pm - 2:15 pm  •  Coaching Workshop - San Jose Room

Have you given up on networking, because it doesn't seem worth the effort? Do you cringe at the idea of another "meet and greet?" Do you want to make genuine connections with business associates, but don't know how? Great news! You can transform traditional networking into something much, much better. In this interactive workshop you'll learn a new skill: having three minutes to tell your peers about yourself personally and professionally and ask for what you need. This is productive. It's interesting. It creates a strong foundation to build a friendship upon. A bit nervous? Don't be. You'll:

* Meet people in a way that brings out your best.
* Make a true connection with the people you meet.
* Experience being known for who you really are.
* Develop a productive and rewarding way to develop strong business alliances.