312: WITI WIN Panel - Disruptive Healthcare: Unlocking the Gates to the Data

Radhika Iyengar-Emens, Managing Partner, DoubleNova Group
Alam Mo, CEO, Silicon Valley Nest
Glennis Orloff, Sr Director, R&D Operations, Rodan + Fields
June 7, 10:45 am - 11:45 am  •  Sierra Room

Reams of research in just about every aspect of medicine; medical files thicker than a loaf of bread; nurses still writing patient vitals on scraps of paper; patients receiving the wrong medical treatments and/or prescriptions ... and yet, there are current technologies in wearables, QR codes, automated processing of big data that could easily solve these issues and improve the quality of care. So how do we break the walls that surround and protect the data? How to change collecting, sharing, acting, manipulating the data, inside and outside ecosystems, while maintaining security and privacy of the data? Come join this panel of women to explore this volatile, polarizing topic, plus:

- Exciting opportunities in operations, IT infrastructure, devices, within automated processing and data analytics
- Can we develop more effective, efficient, better quality patient care by freeing up redundancy in monitoring while maintaining safety and privacy policies?
- Rules, regulations, standards, approvals: reducing the lag without jeopardizing lives